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The Lord’s Prayer

- Video shoot in Drumkeeran Church -

It was
“Lights!, Camera!, Action!” all the way

on Saturday, September 20,

when Malcolm Glover shot his video project

on the Lord’s Prayer.

Malcolm, from Crowley, near London, has returned to the
native parish of his mother
in order to make this short video,
a reflection on the Lord’s Prayer.

Malcolm and his team were in Drumkeeran Church
shortly after 8.00 am on Saturday,
setting up their cameras, lighting and sound equipment for the shoot.

In all, eleven people from the parish volunteered to
take part in the shoot.

Over a number of takes, all eleven were filmed
as they prayed the Lord’s Prayer.
The filming started at 1.00 pm and
and the shoot had been completed by 4.00 pm.

Charles Forde, Andrew Redican, Sara Bouchier, Josephine White, Bernie Hanly,
Mona Travers, Dessie Wynne and Packie McPartlan.

Sara, Josephine, Patrick J Daly, Andrew, Bernie, Packie, Helen O’Neill and Dermot O’Neill.

It is hoped to have the project completed by November.

A similar shoot has to be made in Crowley.

The final video will be shown in art galleries and libraries across the UK
and, possibly, Ireland.

The project has received funding from the British Arts Council.

Some of the volunteers in relaxed mode before the shoot commenced

Mona, Bernie, Josephine and Sara

Andrew, Charles, Dessie, Packie, Paddy Joe and Dermot.